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Our relocation package:

Personal consultation:

A consultation will be held via videoconference, during which our professionals will listen to you and create a complete profile of your preferences. During this consultation, we will also share information about current market conditions, as well as the characteristics of the most suitable regions, cities and neighbourhoods. Your personal consultation is the ideal time to ask any questions you may have regarding the relocation process and life in Portugal.

Home Search:

Once we have established your needs during the consultation, we will search for qualified property options. This phase is carried out using our professional partners, network of contacts, and search portals, which are only available to licensed agencies.

Visits and properties feedback:

After determining potential property options, we will aim to capture images and technical information to give you a real impression of the property and the region in which it is located. You will be able to follow the visits virtually or receive a detailed report accompanied by photos and videos.

Presenting and negotiating proposals:

Upon finding the ideal property, we will present your proposal and negotiate its terms and conditions. Proposals are accompanied by a documental dossier and history of our client, strategically aiming at qualifying and increasing the chances of approval.

Contract signing:

  • Rental – Analysis and approval of the documents and certificates required for the legal conclusion of the rental contract prior to payment and signatures.
  • Purchase – At this stage, additional legal services are required for analysis and approval of documents and certificates prior to entering into a firm contract of purchase.

Virtual tour and floor plan:

When a physical visit is not possible, a 3D virtual tour and floor plan of the property will be conducted to give you a detailed overview of the chosen property. (Greater Lisbon)

Utilities and private health insurance:

We will assist you with screening utility companies, scheduling installation, and monitoring the connection of water supply, electricity, piped gas, internet and telephone services. In addition, we will advise you and aide in selecting health insurance options.

Travel planning assistance and tour of desirable areas:

If you plan to visit Portugal to explore different cities and neighbourhoods on your search of the most suitable region for you, we will assist with planning your journey. While orienting you on the most suitable options we will highlight the region’s characteristics, local businesses, schools, clubs, gyms, museums and other places of interest.

Visa, Fiscal number and Bank Account:

We will introduce you to our trusted professionals that will assist in obtaining Visas, Tax Identification Number (NIF) and Opening a Bank Account.

Legal and accounting introduction:

We will introduce you to our trusted accountants and lawyers.

Welcome reception on arrival:

Upon arrival, we will welcome you to your new home, with all utilities operational and the home ready to be inhabited. Moreover, we will provide you with your keys, contracts, manuals and necessary explanations.

Social integration:

As you settle into your new life, we will aid with your social integration within our circle of influence. (Greater Lisbon)

Concierge Service:

A concierge service will be provided for your first thirty days in your new home,  providing you with travel planning assistance within Portugal, reservations to the best  restaurants and bars, introductions to health clubs, speciality shops, furniture and art  dealers, and other establishments of interest to you. 

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