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São Bento

São Bento

Sao Bento, a quaint and up and coming neighborhood nestled between Principe Real and Estrella, is known as the country’s political center as it is home to the Parliament building.

Sao bento neighborhood features narrow and windy streets, which are better enjoyed on foot so you can take in all the charm and beauty without missing any details.

In addition to the Café de Sao Bento, a historic restaurant in Lisbon noted for its excellent steaks and Victorian-style decor, the Rua de Sao Bento is well recognized for an abundance of antique shops and art galleries, my absolute favorite being Galeria Bessa Pereira.

There are many other lovely shops around, like my favorite plant and garden shop, the Officina Verde, owned by the nicest Italian couple.

I’m also obsessed with the Juliana Penteado Pastry, run by a Brazilian chef who has been impressing Lisbon residents with her beautiful pastries and unique combination of flavors.

Many residents in the area love to visit the praca das Flores as their regular go-to Praça for a calm moment of serenity in this otherwise bustling neighborhood.

Moving up to Rua Nova da Piedade you can access lots of more trendy eateries that lead to the neighborhood of Principe Real, where you can find my favorite gelato place, Nannarela, and a charming cafe and boulangerie, Marquise.

One of the peaceful, less crowded but popular places among locals and visitors can be found south of Sao Bento in an area named Rua Verde, or Green Street.

Owing its name to the beautiful arrangements of plants, leaves, and flowers hanging from the balconies of the residents, the Rua Verde, filled with bars, restaurants, cozy cafes, and artist’s ateliers is a place visited regularly by nearby residents and visitors alike.

From the cafes, restaurants, and variety of unique shops to historical museums, Sao bento gives a lot of families more than enough reasons to reside here.

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