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Beautifully situated along the Tagus river, you’ll find Santos, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon. In recent years, this area has experienced massive growth and development.

The neighborhood is now well adorned with beautifully furnished narrow streets, which are home to a variety of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Additionally, a selection of local boutiques offer art and clothing from local designers and artisans.

As you continue along these streets, you will come across well-maintained palaces and historic churches.

Many parts of Santos are now gaining the attention of buyers and the area is changing rapidly to provide different opportunities for locals, visitors, and investors alike.

With the area’s blend of both traditional, and new businesses, Santos has several locations I enjoy visiting. If you are someone who enjoys a nice brunch, there are many options.
My absolute favorite is Mila Cafe, a Santos institution that serves brunch all day and exquisite afternoon cocktails.   Residents of Santos frequently enjoy visiting both Jardim da Estrela and Tapada das Necessidades as their nearby gardens.

In the heart of Santo!s busiest street is the church Santos-o-Velho. Its attractive terrace serves as the venue for neighborhood activities, including Sunday markets with live music, Christmas markets, and traditional parties. which feature regional goods and provides a lively environment.

Right now, Santos neighborhood is one the most sought after areas to live in Lisbon.

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