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Campo De Ourique & Amoreiras

Campo De Ourique & Amoreiras

Just north of Estrela and near to the Rato metro station, Campo de Ourique and Amoreiras are very sought-after neighborhoods. Their modern conveniences, and easy access to some of the best private schools available, including Liceu Frances in Amoreiras and Redbridge in Campo De Ourique, which provide education in English, French, and Portuguese, making these areas ideal locations for families.

The two neighborhoods are located side-by-side with the popular Amoreiras shopping center tucked between them, providing its nearby residents with a selection of high end shops, a large supermarket, and a movie theatre.

A defining feature of Campo de Ourique is its unique grid layout, with very few hills, making it ideal for leisurely strolls and window shopping in its vast assortment of inviting shops and boutiques.

(A stroll through the collection of charming parks, cafes, and restaurants that line the streets of the neighbourhood is enough to give you a revitalizing sense of renewal to get the day started.)

The Jardim Da Parada is a charming park where locals relax in the pleasant atmosphere and watch the world go by while enjoying refreshments from the local quiosque.

One of the most notable spots in this district is the quaint Mercado de Campo de Ourique, a popular destination for locals looking to stock up on fresh produce, sample a variety of gourmet treats or enjoy one of the restaurants located within the market.

In adition to classic restaurants such as restaurant Magano serving traditional Alentejo dishes, The neighborhood also features a unique French cheese shop, Maitre Renard, offering a wide selection of well-ripened cheese and other gourmet goods, and Fiammetta, an Italian restaurant and gourmet shop, offering incredibly delicious dishes and Italian delicacies.

In the heart of Amoreiras is a tranquil park known as Jardim de Amoreiras, where the whole family can relax under the cool canopy of Mulberry trees, which give the area its name. The park is the back yard to the many families who live in this area and they can often be seen enjoying a drink at the lovely quiosque while the kids run through the garden or plan in the playground.

Overall, the conveniences, amenities and opportunities in these two areas really do make them ideal locations for families.

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