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Along the banks of the Tejo River lies Alcantara, a friendly, quiet, and attractive residential area with elegant and beautiful homes, attracting people from all walks of life.

The ancient region of Alcantara, overlooks the famous 25 de Abril bridge, conveniently located west of Lapa and Santos, and east of Belem and Ajuda. The area offers a variety of different styles of homes from historic and charming, to ultra modern and sophisticated.

The area is well-equipped with modern amenities, including CUF Tejo, a state of the art medical facility, and the new Alcântara Library, both of which recently opened in 2020. The jewel in Alcantara’s crown in the eclectic Lx Factory, which was formerly a collection of storerooms, workshops, and old factories but is now home to some of the city’s most
vibrant restaurants, boutiques, design studios, and art galleries.

Some of my personal favorites at LX Factory are Ler Devagar, a modern bookstore full of new and used books stacked to the ceiling, and landeau Chocolate with its delicious cake that stands out as a result of its exceptionally soft, gooey texture and intense chocolate flavor.

I also love visiting Doca de Santo, a collection of former warehouses converted into unique restaurants and bars. This area’s beautiful location on the banks of the Tagus River is a popular place for locals to hang out, thanks to its all-hours restaurants and nice views of the marina.

Nestled in the middle of Alcantara is Garden Avelar Botero, a cozy square where residents will gather to enjoy the beautiful greenery. The area is the perfect place to enjoy the afternoon with friends and family while having a beverage at its quiosque as the kids enjoy
the playground. Due to its proximity, neighbourhood residents also enjoy taking full advantage of Tapada das Necessidades park.

Alcantara is also home to GO A Lisboa, a restaurant that serves as the perfect spot to meet up with friends to enjoy the beauty of sunset from its incredible rooftop. The fantastic selection of food, drinks, and live music make this one of my favourite spots to unwind and connect with friends.

Alcantara is not just any location. When it comes to ease of life, modern amenities, and fun things to do, it exceeds the expectations of its residents.

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